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The Moe Rifle Range is NOT open to the public. Tresspassers will be PROSECUTED.

Sighting in of rifles is only permitted under supervision of a range officer and by prior arrangement.

Please ring 0428 586395 for further infomation


MOE CITY RIFLE CLUB CHAMPIONS FOR 2017 put on a stunning performance at the GRA Champion of Champions shoot held at the Moe range.

Moe shooters took out the title of GRA champion in their respective disciplines while competing against shooters from the Rosedale, Yarram, Warragul/Drouin and Lang Lang rifle clubs.








Congratulations to Moe City Rifle Club members Brian and Danny who have had great success at the Karramomus OPM.

The event was conducted on Saturday 5th and 6th August 2017. On day 1, Danny won B grade in TR and Brian won C grade in TR.
On day 2, They won the handicap pairs together. Brian came 3rd for the day in C grade TR and Danny won B grade in TR and managed to shoot the top TR score for the day.

Well done to both of our members.


Moe City Rifle Club. 
The Moe City Rifle Club is conveniently located 1km West of Moe. Just off the Princess Freeway, at 147 Mountain Glen Drive. 

The Rifle Range caters for Full Bore and F-Class type shooting at distances from 300 yards to 900 yards. Maximum calibre permitted on the range is 8mm.

We also compete in club events at other rifle ranges including, Rosedale, Yarram and Lang Lang.

New shooters are most welcome, come along and join in the fun.

Sighting in of rifles is permitted on Saturday morning under supervision by prior arrangement only. No sighting in of rifles is permitted at any other time.

Please ring 0428 586395 for further infomation on sighting in rifles at the Moe Rifle range. 

Range Location. Map

For further information please contact........... 



Ph 0428 586395

Full Membership Fees      $290 per year.  

Moe City Rifle Club - Gippsland Champions.

Shooting is generally conducted each Saturday, starting at 1pm.
For further information and access to the range please contact the club secretary.
 Come along and give target shooting a try in a safe and friendly environment. The range is open to members of the public with prior arangement with the club secretary.
The Moe Range now has modern Electronic Targets. The systen known as Silver Mountain Targets uses the sound of the projectile hitting the target
to triangulate the shot position on the target. This location is then relayed to the shooter via Wi-Fi and is displayed on a computer tablet.
No marking of targets is required and shooters get to spend more time shooting. This has proved very popular and has resulted in a growth in club membership.

The Range features two rows of targets that enable shooting from 300 yards to 900 yards.

The Moe Club house Danny and Chris in action.
Above, club member Brian, receives the trophy for best shooter at the State .303 shoot at Lang Lang. Brian was top score in both scratch and handicap. Above, one of our new Electronic Targets set up and ready for action. Above is what the display looks like


Come and try target shooting.

Birds eye view of the range.

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Club Program for coming weeks. Last updated 28th October 2017.




Start Time

February 3rd 2nd Pennant Lang Lang 500 and 600 yards 11am
February 10th Club Trophy Moe 600 yards 1pm
February 17th Danny C Trophy Danny's surprise 1pm
February 24th 3rd Pennant at Moe
Everyone to be there early to help set up range. Please bring a plate for afternoon tea.
2 x 500 yards 11am
March 3rd Dragi J trophy Moe 700 yards 1pm
March 10th Club Trophy Moe 300 yards 1pm
March 17 and 18 but to be confirmed Rosedale Prize meet   9am
March 24th Jack Mc trophy Moe 600 yards 1pm
March 31st Easter Egg shoot 600 yards 1pm
April 7th 4th Pennant at Rosedale 900 and 1000 yards 11am
April 14th Peter M trophy Moe 300 yards 1pm
April 21st Club Trophy Moe 500 yards 1pm
April 28th Brian Mc Trophy Moe 600 yards 1pm
May 5th Club Trophy Moe 700 yards 1pm
May 12th Presidents Trophy 300 yards 1pm
May 19th MCRC AGM   10am
May 19th AGM shoot 500 yards Following AGM
May 26th Gippsland Rifle Association Annual General Meeting to be held at Moe   Shoot starts at 10am followed by GRA AGM at approx 2pm
May 26th Scott S Trophy Moe 600 yards As above
June 2nd Linda S Trophy Moe 700 yards 1pm
June 9th Laurence S Trophy Moe 300 yards 1pm
June 16th Club Trophy Moe 500 yards 1pm
June 23rd Challenge Cup at Rosedale
Coached Teams event followed by GDA delegates meeting
2 x 1000 yards 11am
June 30th Club Trophy Moe 300 yards 1pm
July 7th Club Trophy Moe 600 yards 1pm
July 14th Medal and Spoon Moe   1pm
July 21st Capitain Trophy Moe 500 yards 1pm
July 28th Club Trophy Moe 600 yards 1pm
Moe Club members attended a charity shoot at Grantville on the 21st of June, in support of children with Autisim. The Victorian F-Open team with everyone getting a full possible score each of 60. That is why we were called the X-Men..

Below are some photo's of the Moe rifle range and its facilities.

Helping dad..

Setting up to shoot a 500 yard event.

Moe has a long history of success.



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